Derek Benedict



The aerial sneakerboot combines elements that are highly important to skydivers. By wearing the combination of ankle braces with sneakers, skydivers have been able to keep their ankles supported while having the flexibility of a sneaker that standard combat boots don’t allow. This shoe gives them what they need to protect their feet upon landing.


The Straps: As you’re in rapid free fall toward the Earth, it is important to be prepared for the worst situations. In this case, the elastic straps that wrap fully around the foot act not only for ankle support, but also as a quick release system so that the diver can eject from the shoe in case of emergency. Releasing the strap from the velcro is a one-handed motion that can be enacted in an instant, and once the strap the released, the elastic property in the straps causes them to snap away from the foot and the diver is able to escape through the heel opening.


The Upper: The shoe’s neoprene upper is free of hooking eyelets and sharp corners that combat boots may have. This feature allows the cords of a parachute to glide over the foot without catching, a hazard that can sometimes happen and prohibit the parachute from deploying.





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